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Location: Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Owner: Private.

The project is luxuriously distinguished, non-traditional and modern. The buildings are distributed in a harmonious and a compatible way, taking into consideration the outdoor space where a big pond was placed in the middle of the project to add glamour, beauty and luxury to its extent. The exterior design was founded on a Roman style with all the Roman distinguished architectural basis that goes back to 3000 years and that includes gigantic poles, crowns and arches with its specific proportions and dimensions.
The structure of the mansion is distinguished with solidarity and luxurious develing of the smallest detail, starting from the selection of high quality raw materials, the interior design and the amazing partition which reveal an outstanding creation and delicacy in fulfilling all the modern residential requirements.
E: info@np-designs.com
T: +966 (11) 2006399
F: +966 (11) 2006395
P.O.B: 88922 Riyadh 11672
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Al-Hayat Center
Imam Saud St., Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia 11672