Architecture is an integral part of the cultural identity, as it’s one of the principle pillars of the progress and development through the ages. Throughout the fast urban development of Saudi Arabia, NP-Designs established in 2002 to convoy this development especially in the Architecture, urban planning and engineering.
NP-Designs provide its clients both in public and private sector with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds covering areas of architecture, engineering and interior Design, urban planning and urban design in addition to the construction supervision services.The firm strives to bring innovative solutions that are practical and implantable to complex development issues, working towards achieving a more sustainable development and human development.
NP-Designs has aligned itself with a strong association and partnership with several leading international consulting firms. The combination of local expertise and knowledge with international experience enable us to provide a wide range of services. We are keen at working towards the benefit and interest of our clients, reaching Win/Win solutions through collaborative efforts and adopting interdependency relationships with all our partners and colleagues in the industry.
E: info@np-designs.com
T: +966 (11) 2006399
F: +966 (11) 2006395
P.O.B: 88922 Riyadh 11672
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Al-Hayat Center
Imam Saud St., Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia 11672